Abilene, TX – Accident on Southwest Dr Leaves One Injured

Abilene, TX (December 7, 2020) – A motor vehicle accident reported in the Abilene area left one person injured on Tuesday, according to local law enforcement. Just before 1:30 p.m., on December 1, the Abilene Police Department responded to the site of a vehicle collision on Southwest Drive.

Reports from authorities received the report of a vehicle collision near 4251 Southwest Drive. According to preliminary investigations, a 39-year-old female in a black 2019 Nissan was traveling along the roadway when their vehicle collided with a tan 2006 Buick, which was driven by a 30-year-old female after the driver of the Nissan failed to yield the right of way.

The driver of the Buick was injured in the accident. The victim was transported to an area hospital for the treatment of injuries.

At this time, the crash remains under investigation with the police.

Car Accidents in Texas

Abilene, TX – Accident on Southwest Dr Leaves One Injured Roughly 20,000 people are left seriously injured from car accidents across our state each year. Although we can take proactive measures to ensure we do not harm other drivers, there is no guarantee that those sharing the road will take the time to consider you as well. The unfortunate truth is that nearly 80% of collisions throughout our state each year are caused by driver error. When drivers talk or text on cell phones, change radios, eat, or drive impaired, they place the lives of thousands of others sharing the road at risk.

Depending on the type of accident, the speed at which vehicles are traveling, and various other factors, victims are likely to sustain broken bones, brain injuries, and spinal cord injuries in collisions. There are numerous treatment options available for victims. Regrettably, they come at an extraordinary cost. Victims who are injured in preventable accidents as a result of other motorists can reach out to a truck accident attorney in Abilene to explore legal options available that may help them obtain compensation to cover the costs of care and other financial burdens they face after collisions. Quite often, victims injured in collisions resulting from the negligence of others are able to collect compensation to cover medical treatment, lost wages, and a variety of other costs they face moving forward.

Abilene personal injury attorney Tara Gilmore-Low at Low Law Firm has extensive experience helping victims move forward after being injured in avoidable accidents. Our team provides effective and trusted legal representation to ensure our clients are able to move forward in the best position possible after their accidents. We are dedicated to helping our clients obtain the financial resources they need for medical treatment, lost wages, and various other financial burdens they face after accidents.  If you have sustained injuries in an accident as a result of another driver’s actions, contact the personal injury attorneys in Texas at Low Law Firm by calling (325) 455-1889 to see how we can help you get the justice and compensation you need and deserve after being injured in an accident.

Notes: The Low Law Firm utilizes outside sources in the creation of these accident news posts.  Public news stories, police incident reports, first-hand accounts about serious injury accidents are used in the creation of this post. Therefore, our firm has independently verified the facts surrounding this accident.  If you see any information that is not accurate in this post, please contact us immediately so that we can correct the post to reflect the most accurate information available. The posts are meant to be informational.

Disclaimer: As highly esteemed members of the local Abilene, Texas law community, the Low Law Firm creates these posts to inform and educate our fellow community members about the dangers associated with injury accidents in Texas.  We hope that through awareness, people will use caution when operating a motor vehicle in an effort to avoid such accidents. This is not a business solicitation and should not be viewed as such. The safety information provided in these posts is not intended to be medical advice or legal advice. All photos used in this post are not photos of the accident described. 

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