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Being charged with an assault crime can effect not only your present situation but your future as well. Whether the charge is simple assault or aggravated assault, your arrest will eventually make it’s way to the internet. Your current or future employment can be effected by an assault conviction. If you are charged with assault you need a criminal defense attorney that understands how to defend an assault charge.

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An assault charge involves either violence or the threat of violence. It can be charged as a misdemeanor or a felony depending on the details of the situation. How much damage was caused by the assault will factor in to the charge. Another factor that comes into play is whether a weapon was involved in the assault. An Assault Attorney in Abilene, Texas can help you navigate through the process and build a defense for your case.

If an assault occurs and a police officer witnesses the assault, they can make an arrest on the scene. If the assault is not witnessed by a police officer, the person assaulted may have to file a police report first before an assault charge can be made. The assault arrest process is different when the assault is a result of domestic violence.

An assault charge doesn’t need to be based on a violent physical act, one can be charged with assault for making violent threats. An Assault Attorney understands the variations in the law and can seek out if the defendant was charged with the proper crime or not. If the wrong charge was booked, an Assault Attorney can argue for a dismissal of the charge or charges.

Last year, Texas was ranked the second highest when it came to the number of assaults in the state. Over 70,000 assaults occurred in the previous year. Don’t get caught up in the legal conveyor of assault convictions. If you are charged with a simple or aggravated assault, you need an Assault Attorney. Call The Low Law Firm in Abilene, TX for a FREE Consultation (325) 455-1889.


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