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Brain Injury Accident

Traumatic accidents can lead to brain injury. Car accidents, motorcycle accidents, slip and fall accidents, and medical malpractice all have the potential to negatively impact the brain and cause brain injury. When such accidents happen, you need a Brain Injury Attorney in Abilene, TX who knows how to build a legal case against those responsible and seek financial compensation for you.

Brain injury symptoms may not appear immediately after an accident.

The signs and symptoms of a brain injury after an accident may not appear right away. Hearing loss, vision loss, irritability, a change in personality can all be signs of a brain injury that may not become apparent for weeks or even months after a head trauma. If you or a family member are experiencing these issues, or you just get a general feeling something is wrong after an accident, it is important you consult with a physician and then contact a Brain Injury Attorney in Abilene, if you feel this injury was on account of negligence in an accident or medical procedure.

When dealing with an injury to the brain, a personal injury attorney will be able to consult with you, investigate and determine the facts of the case. From there, a case can be built that will help translate your injury into a financial figure that takes into account your current and future lost wages.

Was your injury the result of a motor vehicle accident? Brain injury can also be caused by a surgeon or an anesthesiologist during a surgical procedure. Each personal injury case is different and unique. Only a consultation with a lawyer can help you wade through the issues that need to be discussed and dealt with in order to achieve a successful legal outcome.

Don’t leave your future to chance by hoping for the best outcome when dealing with an insurance company. Make sure you have legal representation fighting for you and looking to get you the maximum compensation available.