Construction Accident

Construction Accident

Injured on a construction site in Abilene, TX? You need a construction accident attorney to discuss the facts of your case.

Abilene is a growing town. The City of Abilene has been issuing more and more building permits, which means more construction, and can also lead to more construction accidents. When a construction accident occurs, it is imperative you contact a personal injury attorney as soon as possible to help guide you through the complex path that may lay ahead of you.

Construction Accident Attorney AbileneConstruction sites can be very hazardous places. A construction worker can fall from scaffolding, construction debris can fall on them, electrical hazards may exist, sharp objects can cause bodily injury. If a construction worker is working in an unsafe environment day after day, the chance of injury increases rapidly. There are construction site safety standards. Profits and speed can make a supervisor not pay attention to the safety of their site. This negligence can contribute to construction site injuries.

Building a case against a negligent party takes a skilled construction accident attorney.

How did the accident occur? Who was at fault? How did negligence factor into the accident? Does the employer have worker’s comp? Did a third party contribute to the negligence of the situation to cause the accident? Questions need to be asked and answers need to be found.

The Low Law firm is here to help injured workers and their families from devastating construction accidents, workplace accidents, industrial accidents, and other personal injuries. We can advise you of the options you have ahead. Fight for your compensation claims. Hold those responsible for the negligence which led to your construction accident in the first place. Addressing the issue can help prevent similar issues from happening again in the future.

Employers have a responsibility to provide construction workers with the safest workplace possible. When employers fail at their safety task and an injury occurs, you need a construction accident attorney in your corner.

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