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You’ve bought a new product or service and what you end up with isn’t what you expected. What can you do about that? Is there a consumer law that can protect you? That is what this consumer lawyer in Abilene, Texas is going to discuss.

Let’s talk about consumer law. You purchase something and it is not what you expected. It could be big items like cars and houses to little bitty items like toys. It could be anything. Most often what I see is cars that have been sold and the seller indicated the car was new when it wasn’t. Or the seller indicated that the vehicle has options it really didn’t have. It could be a recreational vehicle where the buyer is told the vehicle has all the bells and whistles and it doesn’t. It could also be as simple as a child’s told, where the consumer is told the toy is safe and later the buyer finds it is not safe.

There are several avenues to handle such situations, but these are the most common issues I see.

If you purchase a car or a recreational vehicle and you take it home only to find it is not what the seller told you it was, what is the first step a consumer should do? It depends on the situations, but you can contact an Abilene, TX consumer attorney to find out your options. Texas does have lemon laws to protect the buyer of vehicles.

Consumer Lawyer – Lemon Law – Abilene, Texas

Another thing Texas has when it comes to consumer fraud is a statue called the Texas Deceptive Trade Practices Act. If you find yourself in a situation where you are out a lot of money or you have a product and you can’t use it in the way you thought you could, contact a consumer lawyer in Abilene, Texas. Talk to them about your consumer law rights under the Texas deceptive trade practices act.

Consumer fraud is a lot more common than you would think. I get many calls when it comes to fraudulent vehicle purchases that can fall under the protection of the lemon law and consumer law. There are vehicle sellers out there who will misrepresent what they are actually selling.

Would it be normal to ask for a refund first before you go through the consumer law legal process? If you can work the issue out with the seller first, that is ideal because your legal path can be lengthy, time consuming, and costly but the legal path is available to you if the seller won’t work with you to resolve your issue.

Does this apply to contractors as well? Let’s say you have a contractor come to your home to do roof work or even a mechanic who does work on your car but the end result is not what they told you it would be. How do you go about dealing with that kind of situation? Yes it is similar in that you should try to resolve the issue first with the contractor. If you can’t work the situation out with the contractor and you are out a substantial amount of money and you still need the work done, contact an Abilene, TX consumer lawyer to discuss your consumer law options.

There are multiple consumer law options you have that an Abilene, TX consumer lawyer can help you through, when it comes to contractors and services that have been misrepresented.

When you are dealing with defective products, such as toys that are harmful, if there is a recall of the product, follow the steps of the recall first. If that doesn’t work contact an Abilene, TX consumer lawyer to discuss more of the consumer law options available to you.

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