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Hip Fracture Injury

Suffering a hip fracture injury, a broken hip, or a pelvic fracture can be a life changing event. A personal injury attorney at the Low Law Firm can help protect your rights and potentially recover damages.

A broken hip will create many medical challenges ahead for you as you heal. A fracture to the hip or pelvis will limit your movement ability for some time. Many times, surgery is required to repair the damage and such medical procedures can lead to complications such as blood clots, pneumonia, and infections. Once you are healed from the hip fracture injury, you will most likely need physical therapy to help get you back into the shape you previously had been before the injury.

Senior citizens are more likely to have issues with bone strength that can lead to fractures of the hip or pelvis. Being unsteady on your feet and suffering from bone issues can be a recipe for disaster when mixed with poor nursing home conditions or unsafe commercial properties.

What causes a hip fracture injury?

A slippery floor, a worn out carpet, items left on a floor or hallway can create obstacles that lead to a hip fracture injury. A personal injury attorney at the Low Law Firm is experienced in how to build a hip fracture injury case against a nursing home or commercial property.

Will you need to be compensated for your lost wages? What about medical expenses and rehab costs? The pain and suffering for having to go through the traumatic experience of a broken hip can also be factored in to the compensation you may need.

The Injury Attorneys at the Low Law Firm will work with you, medical professionals who can understand your medical treatments and future needs, as well investigators who can piece together what happened to cause your fractured pelvis injury and build a legal case.

If you have been injured in a fall that has caused you to injure your pelvis, your hip, or any other injury, get the medical treatment you need immediately. Next step is to call a personal injury attorney in Abilene, Texas to fight for you.