Premises Liability

Premises Liability

Premises Liability cases are also commonly known as slip and fall accidents. These accidents occur when you are injured on another person’s property. Property owners have a duty to keep their property reasonably safe from hazards. When a property owner fails to perform this and you are injured in a premises liability situation, you need a premises liability attorney.

The Low Law Firm is experienced in these kind of injury cases. A premises liability attorney will collect the facts about your case by investigating what happened and how the accident was caused.

We will investigate to find if the property owner failed at making their property safe. Was there a dangerous condition at that property. If the property owner knew of or should have known the dangerous condition existed. If they failed to remedy the dangerous issues.

A personal injury attorney will build a strong case based on the evidence at hand to prove to a judge or jury that the dangerous conditions existed and were not addressed causing the accident.

What should you do if you are injured and experience a premises liability accident? Take pictures of what happened and document as much as possible. Don’t give a statement to anyone before you speak with a slip and fall attorney. Seek immediate medical care.

If there was liquid on a floor that caused you to slip, take pictures of that. Was there a trip hazard in a parking lot that should have been repaired and was left? Take pictures of that. Anything that led to your accident must be documented. All of these pieces will help your case later down the road.

A property owner is more than likely not going to pay for your medical treatment upfront. In fact, they may fight trying to pay for any costs at all. This is where an experienced premises liability attorney or a slip and fall lawyer is needed. A case must be built to prove the property owner failed at keeping your safe while on their property and their negligence led to your accident.

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