Criminal Defense Attorney In Abilene Texas

Have you been charged with a crime and need a criminal defense attorney in Abilene? The Low Law Firm is located in Southern Abilene and is ready to help.

Being charged with a crime can be a life altering experience. Criminal Law is the most serious of types of law an attorney deals with as it can effect your life and liberty. The Low Law Firm, upon engagement, will immediately go on the offensive and investigate your case. We will harness the strengths of our criminal defense attorneys and investigators to build your defense.

If you are seeking information on what to do with a family member who has been charged with a crime, the first step you need to take is to contact a criminal defense attorney in Abilene, TX. The next step you should take is to contact a local bail bondsman to try and release your family member from jail. Thirdly, try and get into contact with your family member and tell them they want to talk to a criminal defense attorney in Abilene and to not answer any questions. That should stop the police questioning. Don’t give them any information they can use against you in court.

At your first court appearance, your family member will face a judge where they will hear what criminal charge(s) they are facing and ask if you are hiring a criminal defense attorney in Abilene or if you will need a court appointed lawyer.

The criminal defense attorneys at Low Law Firm will work aggressively and tenaciously to protect your rights. The prosecutor team have but one goal and that is to convict you. You need a team to defend you. Contact the Low Law Firm in southern Abilene, TX today.



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