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drug possession attorney abilene texas

Drug Possession Attorney Abilene Texas

Drug Possession Attorney Abilene Texas

Police and Prosecutors take drug charges very seriously. They spend a lot of money investigating and prosecuting drug possession charges. Drug arrests and drug charges garner vasts amounts of media attention and show the public, local government are being tough on drug charges. If you have been charged with drug possession, you need a drug possession attorney in Abilene, TX that will fight to defend you.

The Low Law Firm can investigate the facts surrounding your arrest and look to see if all the proper steps and procedures were handled correctly. Were your constitutional rights violated during the arrest? Are there reasons why your drug possession charges should be dropped or dismissed? Is there evidence collected at the time of arrest that should be suppressed?

Drug charges in Texas can be quite severe. The Texas Controlled Substance Act breaks down the various drug crimes. It also discusses what defines manufacturing and distributing. A drug possession charge can be a misdemeanor or felony based on different variables such as which drugs you were in possession with at the time of arrest. Charges for Drug possession can range from 180 days to 99 years in jail.

Drug Possession Penalties Can Be Harsh!

Drug possession charges are not criminal charges you want to take lightly. You need to speak with a criminal defense attorney for a free consultation and find out what steps you need to be taking to improve your situation.

Not all punishments for drug possession involve jail time. There are opportunities for diversion programs. Talking with a drug possession attorney can help you investigate different options you may have in front of you. Find out more which choices or opportunities may be the best option based on your current situation.

Drug possession charges can also to lead to license suspension, property forfeiture, or fines. Don’t put off talking to a lawyer about your criminal charges.

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