Hamby, TX – Two Injured in Three-Vehicle Crash on TX-351

Hamby, TX (October 22, 2020) – A multi-vehicle collision in front of the Hamby Volunteer Fire Department left two people injured. Just before 8 a.m., on October 21, police and firefighters in Hamby responded to the scene of a crash on Texas State Highway 351.

Reports provided by local authorities show that a car was rear-ended as the driver attempted to turn off the highway near the fire department. The impact of the crash caused the vehicle to move forward and crash into a pickup truck. The impact of the second crash caused the pickup truck to roll over.

Two of the vehicles sustained severe damage. The condition of the third vehicle is not known at this time.

Two people involved in the crash were injured. Both victims were rushed to local hospitals immediately following the crash. At this time, the police are investigating the incident.

Our thoughts are with the victims injured in this accident. We hope for their full recovery.

Car Accidents in Texas

Hamby, TX – Two Injured in Three-Vehicle Crash on TX-351No one plans to be involved in an auto accident. Regardless of how safe and proactive we are as drivers, we cannot predict the actions of other motorists sharing the road. The unfortunate truth is that nearly 80% of collisions throughout our state each year are caused by driver error. When drivers talk or text on cell phones, change radios, eat, or drive impaired, they place the lives of thousands of others sharing the road at risk.

Each year, auto accidents leave more than 265,000 people in Texas injured. Although the vast majority of collisions result in minor injuries, nearly 20,000 victims are hospitalized with life-altering injuries. Brain and spinal cord injuries, broken bones, and other catastrophic injuries require extensive and painful treatment. Although there are various medications, surgeries, therapy options, and other forms of care available to help victims in the aftermath of collisions, all treatment comes at an extraordinary cost for victims. Rather than moving forward after an accident alone, you should consider reaching out to a car accident attorney in Abilene to explore legal options available for you. Quite often, victims injured in collisions resulting from the negligence of others are able to collect compensation to cover medical treatment, lost wages, and a variety of other costs they face moving forward.

The Abilene personal injury attorneys at Low Law Firm strive to help victims move forward from their accidents in the best way possible. Our attorneys provide effective and responsive legal representation to help our clients maximize their recoveries after being injured in car accidents. We understand the challenges victims face after being involved in accidents. This helps motivate our team to provide our clients with the most effective and efficient legal representation imaginable so they can get the money they need right when they need it to cover medical treatment, lost wages, and more. If you have sustained injuries in an accident as a result of another driver’s actions, contact the personal injury attorneys in Texas at Low Law Firm by calling (325) 455-1889 to see how we can help you. Meet with our team at your earliest convenience to discuss legal options available to help you recover.

Notes: The Low Law Firm utilizes outside sources in the creation of these accident news posts.  Public news stories, police incident reports, first-hand accounts about serious injury accidents are used in the creation of this post. Therefore, our firm has independently verified the fact surrounding this accident.  If you see any information that is not accurate in this post, please contact us immediately so that we can correct the post to reflect the most accurate information available. The posts are meant to informational.

Disclaimer: As highly esteemed members of the local Abilene, Texas law community, the Low Law Firm creates these posts to inform and educate our fellow community members about the dangers associated with injury accidents in Texas.  We hope that through awareness, people will use caution when operating a motor vehicle in an effort to avoid such accidents. This is not a business solicitation and should not be viewed as such. The safety information provided in these posts is not intended to be medical advice or legal advice. All photos used in this post are not photos of the accident described. 

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