The Importance of Medical Care for Wrist Injuries after a Texas Accident

After a Texas vehicular accident, there are important steps that victims should take to preserve their health and wellness and to help them build the strongest Texas personal injury claim for the most amount of money. One of the most common mistakes a person can make after they have been in some sort of injury accident in Texas is to minimize the harm they endured and as a result, forgo being seen by a doctor.

There are some injuries and outcomes of Abilene automobile accidents that are obvious and catastrophic where there is no doubt that rapid medical treatment is necessary. Other times, injuries will begin to present symptoms over time, which is something that happens often with whiplash damage. When delayed whiplash symptoms start to develop they can cause significant discomfort and be enough to motivate a person to see the doctor. Other times, there is minimal pain from an injury and because of this, a victim doesn’t think that it requires medical attention.

If you have been injured in an accident that was caused by a negligent party, even if you are only experiencing minimal symptoms, it is still a good idea to see your doctor. There are several types of damage that may not initially cause you much distress but are more serious than you think. Not only can an injury be more severe than you believed at the outset, but if left untreated, you could develop other debilitating conditions. 

Wrist Injuries Can Impact Your Quality of Life

Texas slip and fall accidents and Abilene or car accidents can often result in wrist injuries because right before the fall or the crash, a person may automatically extend their arms in front of them to buffer themselves from impact. Major wrist injuries will likely swell, be extremely painful, show bruising, and limit a person’s ability to use their hand. Other times, a wrist injury only results in just a bit of aching and even though the pain isn’t substantial the damage inside the hand and wrist can be.

If your wrist feels tender and throbs a bit, but doesn’t cause you too much distress, you may decide it isn’t necessary to see a medical professional. This is not advisable. Seeing a doctor can allow you to have a proper diagnosis of what is happening inside your wrist. You may potentially have suffered broken bones, a strain, or sprains. If you have any of these conditions, quick treatment is the best way to have your wrist heal appropriately and protect you from developing other conditions. Not seeing a doctor have your wrist examined and treated may result in permanent damage that is incurable and makes daily life difficult. A wrist injury has the potential to lead to:

  • Osteoarthritis
  • Problems moving and using the hand or arm
  • Bone death
  • Arthritis

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