Abilene, TX – Icy roads lead to big wrecks.

Abilene, TX has just come out of a week long freeze which led to many car wrecks across the big country. When it rains, sleets, or snows in Abilene, roads quickly become impassable. Limited resources keep the area from sending out snow plows or salter trucks. With all this said, it’s up to the area residents to minimize their trips during inclement weather.

The bridges in Abilene, TX freeze over first due to cold air blowing beneath them. These frozen bridges lead to car wrecks. Abilene Fire Department has been plenty busy this past week responding to many car accidents in the area. Many drivers believe the bigger their vehicle, the less they are effected by icy roads. This is not the case. Icy road conditions effect cars and large trucks in the same manner. When vehicles lose contact with the road surface, they can no longer rely on friction to help them stop. More tires on your vehicle or less still has the same effect.

Car wrecks happen in inclement weather when drivers lose traction with the road surface. Multiple car accidents and truck accidents occurred this past week on highway I-20 due to ice build up. Road conditions can be difficult to read at times. Ice can be present in areas where you think the roadways are clear. Your best bet is to stay off the roads in ice storms to avoid a wreck. If you can’t avoid the roadways, slow your driving to minimize your potential energy.

The faster you drive, the more damage you will have in a car wreck.


Slow down during inclement weather. If you are driving slowly and your vehicle loses grip from the roadway, your potential impact is lessened. Think of a bullet. What would cause more damage, a bullet fired from a gun or thrown from your hand? Greater speed leads to greater impacts and damage.

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