Arrested for robbery in Abilene, Texas?

Have you been arrested in Abilene, Texas on robbery charges? Abilene Police reported they had arrested a man on November 10 for robbery. Police were called to a local convenience store for a robbery in progress but the suspect had fled before they arrived. A short time later the suspect was picked up by police […]

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Texas Gets Stricter with Human Trafficking Charges

According to the Attorney General’s Office of Texas, there are 25 million people enslaved around the globe. In the state of Texas, there are approximately 234,000 people that are trafficked for labor while 79,000 minors are being sex trafficked. As the country grapples with the border crisis, states near the border are becoming stricter with […]

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Weapons Crimes Criminal Defense Attorney Abilene, Texas

Weapons Crimes Criminal Defense Attorney Abilene, Texas Have you been charged with illegally possessing a weapon? Were you arrested for carrying a weapon? Weapons crimes in the state of Texas can carry severe penalties. When you are charged with a weapons crime you need a criminal defense attorney who understands the laws involved. Using a […]

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Drug Possession Attorney Abilene Texas

Drug Possession Attorney Abilene Texas Police and Prosecutors take drug charges very seriously. They spend a lot of money investigating and prosecuting drug possession charges. Drug arrests and drug charges garner vasts amounts of media attention and show the public, local government are being tough on drug charges. If you have been charged with drug […]

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