Wrongful Death Attorney in Texas.

A wrongful death attorney frequently has the unfortunate honor of consulting with families who have lost loved ones from negligence related accidents.   Often times those cases involve greedy corporations who put profits over safety, or individuals who put themselves above the safety of everyone around them.  When we take those cases it is for several […]

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Truck Accident Lawyer lessons. Make room for those 18 wheelers.

THE INJURY LADY SAYS: Make room for the big trucks! And maybe the smaller ones, too. Lessons from a truck accident lawyer in Abilene, TX. Most of you reading this probably live in West Texas. What does that mean? It means wide open spaces, wind, dirt, and interstate highways as far as the eye can […]

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Drinking and driving attorney.

THE INJURY LADY SAYS: “Let’s talk about drinking and driving.” Not the lightest topic to discuss; however, I think everyone should be aware of drinking and driving statistics. They are both depressing and shocking. But if you are not armed with information, you cannot make an informed decision and you cannot teach your friends and […]

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Truck accident attorney advice.

THE INJURY LADY SAYS: “DOCUMENT, DOCUMENT, DOCUMENT!” So let’s talk about what I actually do…I am, if you have not figured it out yet, a truck accident attorney. For many of you that may evoke a negative response and for others of you that may not mean a thing. Either way, that is okay, but […]

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Social media and lawsuits.

THE INJURY LADY SAYS: Think before you post! Let’s talk about criminal charges, social media and lawsuits! Folks, I spend quite a bit of my time talking to criminal and personal injury clients about what to do and what not to do. Sometimes they listen and sometimes, most of the time, they ignore me. The […]

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Accident Lawyer in Abilene Texas.

Tara Gilmore-Low is an accident lawyer representing individuals and families in Abilene and across West Texas in a range of personal injury and wrongful death claims, including automobile accidents and commercial vehicle accidents, oilfield injuries, incidents of toxic exposure, and claims involving serious harm such as spinal cord and traumatic brain injury. With her experience […]

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