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THE INJURY LADY SAYS: “DOCUMENT, DOCUMENT, DOCUMENT!” So let’s talk about what I actually do…I am, if you have not figured it out yet, a truck accident attorney. For many of you that may evoke a negative response and for others of you that may not mean a thing. Either way, that is okay, but read on!

As a truck accident attorney, I spend most of my days helping people who have been injured because of someone else’s negligence. What that typically means is I listen to people tell me where they hurt, what they are afraid of, how they feel about life in general post-accident, and a plethora of other things. It is a job that I get a lot of satisfaction out of. However, the number one problem that I see in a case right away is a failure to document the case. What does this mean you ask?

Truck Accident Attorney Abilene Texas

Let me paint a picture…you are traveling through town on the way to the grocery store. You are minding your own business, you are wearing your seatbelt and you are going the speed limit. Then WHAM! You hear an awful noise, you are thrown from side to side and your car is no longer under your control…you have been rammed into by someone who was not paying attention.

You have been involved in a truck accident and need a truck accident attorney.

What is your first thought? Probably it is, “Am I okay?” Or it could be, “Are my passengers okay?” Then you want to know what happened and you want to call the police. It is at this point that the documentation breakdown begins. The first thing you are NOT thinking is what do I need to do to make sure my insurance claim is protected, right? Okay, fair enough.

However, if you ARE in a position to begin documenting…do it. You are the best information gatherer your case will ever have at this point. If you are able to talk to witnesses, take pictures, speak to the police officer…do it. Specifically, keep the following ideas in mind:

  1. Call the police. Do not let the other driver convince you not to do this. Call them.
  2. Write down exactly what you remember happening. No detail is too trivial. Write down the speed you were traveling, the road conditions, whether or not there were any pedestrians involved, etc.
  3. Write down what is being said by the other driver. They may say something in the heat of the moment that will later help your case.
  4. Take pictures! Take pictures of all of the cars involved.
  5. Take pictures! Yes, I said it again. Take pictures of your injuries, as well.

Now, these truck accident attorney tips will not only help you with a truck accident case,

but many of them will help you with most other injury type claims that you have. For example, let’s say you have gone into a store and you slip and fall and injure yourself.

Again, you are probably not thinking about how to ensure that your evidence is protected, however, if you don’t take pictures the problem may be fixed by the next day. Further, if you don’t fill out an incident report there may be no record of the slip and fall and no documentation to support your claim. Make a report to the store and take pictures, if possible. If you can’t do it, call a loved one and send them to the property! Or call me, a slip and fall attorney, and I will send my trusty investigator!

Ladies and gentlemen, the point of my blogs is to create little ticklers in your mind. If you are injured in an accident, I want you to ask yourself this: “What does The Injury Lady want me to do now?” I want you to think, “Oh that is right! Document! I need to take pictures and get names!”

But, let me also be very clear…the FIRST and foremost thing you need to do, is get the medical attention you need. I try to remind you to do things to make your case EASIER, if you can’t do anything that I tell you to do you will not ruin your case. YOU are the most important thing. So take care of yourself before you do anything I suggest.


DISCLAIMER: Nothing in this blog is meant to be comprehensive advice or a truck accident attorney analysis about any type of personal injury case. For a true analysis of your case, please contact an injury attorney at the Low Law Firm.

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