Abilene, Texas – Overland Trail car accident attributed to heavy rains.

A car accident on Overland Trail occurred during heavy rains. Anyone who lives in Abilene, Texas knows it doesn’t rain often but when it does, roads can become very hazardous. Around midnight on October 27th, a car and truck accident occurred on Overland Trail. The car accident driver in an automobile traveling east came into […]

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Determining Liability When Unsecured Truck Cargo Causes Accidents

Commercial trucks are an important part of American society because they transport more over-the-road cargo than any other vehicle. In 2017 alone, the American Trucking Associations estimated that approximately 11 billion tons of freight were transported throughout the country. There is almost no limit to what large commercial trucks can tow. If not properly secured, […]

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Can Company’s Be Liable for Accidents Caused By Their Employees in Texas?

Texas injury accidents can have a wide range of outcomes. One of the most common sources of injury accidents is traffic incidents. Anything from minor bumps and bruises to catastrophic damages can be sustained by the parties involved. In some cases, traffic accidents in Texas can be very complex. Depending on the situation, there could […]

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