Can Visiting a Texas Nail Salon Be Dangerous?

If you are one of the many women and men who just don’t feel right when your nails are unsightly and unkempt, you are not alone. Having an ongoing appointment with your favorite Texas nail technician or making a quick call to set up a time to get your nails done is something you appreciate and enjoy. So many people simply love having their fingernails and toenails done and while a lot of individuals don’t think twice about having their nails serviced there is a risk of harm when you visit your local nail salon. 

If you innocently made an appointment with a nail salon to have your nails manicured and you ended up sustaining a negative health outcome just know,  this is an issue that happens more commonly than people think. There are very specific nail salon safety and sanitation laws in Texas that these businesses must follow. Yet, despite this, there are several that ignore these safety regulations. Victims of injuries from nail salon negligence have rights and are entitled to pursue a claim against the reckless party or parties that caused their injuries for compensation.

What To Do If You Were Injured At A Texas Nail Salon

There aren’t many attorneys who thoroughly understand the regulations that guide nail salons in terms of safe operating procedures. Tara Gilmore-Low is a Texas nail salon negligence attorney that has extensive experience helping victims that have suffered injuries from the conduct of careless nail salons and their technicians. There are several chemicals and tools that are used to properly care for primped nails and if they aren’t handled correctly, they will pose a threat of harm to a customer. 

A technician that is not being responsible or one that is improperly trained for the service they provide the public can inflict major damage to individuals that patronize the business. Everything from infections, to burns, and even cuts and wounds can result from just one nail treatment. If the salon that caused your harm did so because they were ignoring the Texas nail salon sanitary laws, they are responsible for paying for the pain you were inflicted and the injuries you incurred.

When an injury accident in a Texas nail salon happens there are a couple of steps that victims should take. First, talk to each individual working in the salon and ask them for their license. Take that information down. For the specific employee that worked on you, obtaining their name and phone number is going to be beneficial to your case. The more information you can gather the stronger your claim will be. This means that in addition to licenses and identifying information, you should also treat the situation the same way you would treat a Texas car accident. Take pictures and a lot of them. Take pictures of the way the salon looks, take pictures of the people who work there and note the conditions of the business. 

Speak with a Texas Nail Salon Negligence Attorney Today

After your Texas nail salon injury accident, it is useful to see a medical professional. This will allow you to have your situation evaluated and treated. Then connect with the Low Law firm, an Abilene nail salon negligence attorney to address your incident and effectively pursue a claim for compensation. You can easily schedule a free consultation with Tara Gilmore-Low, an Abilene personal injury attorney to find out about what you can do to be compensated by calling (325) 455-1889.

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