Nail Salon Injury in Abilene, Texas? Infections can occur in a bad manicure or pedicure.

Have you experienced a nail salon injury?

I know, I know ladies…we love getting a few hours away for pampering, right?  We love having our nails done, we love having pedicures and often, we love being away from the hubby and the kids for a few hours!  However, nail salons can be a bacteria-infested haven and cause nail salon injuries.  As a former mani/pedi addict in Abilene Texas, this was very hard for me to believe.  I went regularly to get manicures and pedicures, that is until I noticed that something wasn’t right on two of my finger nails.  I was lucky.  All that I lost were cuticles.  Unfortunately, many others are not so lucky and receive nail salon injuries requiring extensive care.

While amputations, infections and lacerations are not commonly associated with nail salons that is all too often the result of an everyday mani/pedi.

The typical nail salon injury occurs when the tools used by the nail salon technicians cause a laceration, either because the nail technician is using it improperly or it is simply an accident.  Whatever the reason once the laceration occurs if an un-sanitized nail tool or utensil then encounters the laceration an infection develops.

Another very common cause of nail salon injuries are foot baths.

Many nail salon owners and employees fail to properly sanitize foot baths regularly, if at all.  When you put your feet into the footbath, you are putting your feet where the thousands of feet before you have gone.  You have no idea the infections, fungi, or diseases those feet have and when the nail salon fails to properly clean the foot baths you are exposing yourself to those same ailments.

For many people, an injury is quickly healed and little to no medical treatment is necessary.  However, many others are not so lucky.  Unfortunately, nail salon infections such as fungus, MRSA, and even sexually transmitted diseases such as hepatitis can be contracted in an unsterilized and unsanitary environment such as a nail salon and the required treatment is extensive.  All too often clients come to me after having gone through months of infection treatment and/or received an amputation from the nail salon infection.

Many of my clients do not realize in time that they have contracted an infection injury from a nail salon.

Oftentimes, our fingers are sore after a manicure or nail application and we ignore what could potentially be a growing infection.   I can’t stress to you enough that if you see redness, swelling and/or have soreness go to your doctor.  The earlier the infection from a nail salon injury is caught the better chance you have of keeping your limb.

In Texas, nail salons are governed by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation.  I encourage each of you to research your facility before going back.   (

Many of the facilities do not maintain proper sanitation and sterilization procedures.  They fail to properly train their employees as to proper sanitation and sterilization procedures with regard to the tools and utensils used in the nail salon.  Further, the nail salon owners fail to implement any sort of quality control to ensure that their nail salon tools and utensils are properly sanitized and sterilized.

We look to these places as a place of relaxation.  We depend on their honesty, integrity and care to ensure that when we enter that facility, we are not going to leave with an infection which can lead to long term care and treatment.  If you are or a loved one has been the victim of nail salon negligence or nail salon injury in Abilene, Texas or the surrounding areas call me…Tara Gilmore-Low of the Low Law Firm.  (325) 455-1889.

Nail Salon Injury in Abilene Texas
Nail Salon Injury?

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