Workplace injury questions? Here are some answers.

Workplace injury? On the job accident? Working on the job and you get injured. What kinds of options are available for employees who get injured on the job?

workplace injury attorney abilene texas
Workplace injury attorney

There are a couple of things to keep in mind. Texas is an interesting state in that, most of the time when people get injured on the job, they think of workman’s comp. However Texas is a state where the employer can elected to subscribe to workman’s comp or elect not to subscribe to workman’s comp.

Many employers who elect not to subscribe to workman’s comp will elect to have their own private insurance coverage.

Workplace injury process.

The first thing to do is find out does your employer have workman’s comp when you have been injured. The next step is come talk to a workplace injury attorney as there are a lot of intricacies with on the job injuries.

on the job injury attorney abilene texas
Job site injury attorney Tara Low

There is a lot of paperwork that goes along with this process. If your employer does have workman’s comp, you need to report the injury and follow the steps they require you to follow.

If your employer does not have workman’s comp, come and talk to a workplace injury attorney.

There are many employers in the state of Texas who elect not to subscribe to workman’s comp. This leaves the employee commonly having to foot the bill for their medical treatment all on their own and they lose the income from not being able to work.

Is there something an employee can do if they are injured on the job and they are afraid there is something their employer is going to do to retaliate against them?

If you are concerned that your employer is going to retaliate, talk to a workplace injury attorney.

You will still need to go through the workman’s comp process if your employer is a workman’s comp subscriber. There are other mechanisms for dealing with the retaliation.

The state of Texas has a specific cause of action that relates to workman’s comp retaliation.

These become two separate things issues. But even if you fear retaliation from your employer, start the workman’s comp process if your employer has workman’s comp.

If you do get injured on the job, is there a set limit of time you have to report the injury to your employer?

Generally speaking, immediately. The sooner the better.

If you have been injured on the job and have questions on your rights and options, call workplace injury attorney Tara Low of the Low Law Firm (325)455-1889.

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