What do I do if I was injured on the job?

What do I do if I was injured on the job?

The Rights of Injured Workers in Abilene, Texas: Navigating Workers’ Compensation, Third Party Claims, and More Introduction. One of the most common questions that we get at The Low Law Firm involves work place injuries and an employee’s rights and obligations. At the center of the conversation is whether or not the employer is a

Can You Sue a Third Party for Your Texas Construction Site Injuries?

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, in the state of Texas in 2019 there were: Fatal injury accidents in construction and extraction jobs: 136 Fatal injury accidents in installation, maintenance, and repair jobs: 42 Fatal injury accidents production jobs: 34 Fatal injury accidents in transportation and material moving jobs: 202 Transportation incidents, fires,

Dangers on Texas Construction Sites

Working on an active construction site, there are many moving parts, obstacles, and hazards. Heavy equipment being used, large and bulky vehicles driving around, debris on the ground, and if the site is near the road other cars and pedestrians are also adding to the chaos. Those that work in the construction industry have many

Workplace injury questions? Here are some answers.

Workplace injury? On the job accident? Working on the job and you get injured. What kinds of options are available for employees who get injured on the job? There are a couple of things to keep in mind. Texas is an interesting state in that, most of the time when people get injured on the

Personal Injury Attorney Abilene Texas.

Do you need a personal injury attorney in Abilene, Texas? Personal injury accidents in Texas are not planned. When an accident happens, in Texas, it leaves devastation in it’s wake. Those effected are left with pain, suffering, and loss. But more than that, they are left with questions and insecurities about what to do. When
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