Is there a High Turnover Rate for Texas Truck Drivers?

Different professional industries have their own rate of turnover rates of employees that come and go. Some industries have a higher turnover rate than others and there are generally very specific reasons why. If a working environment is dangerous, highly difficult, unpleasant, or low-paying there are typically going to be many new employees that do not stay in the positions they were hired for too long. According to the reporting of the American Trucking Association, the commercial trucking industry appears to be a field with an extremely high turnover of employees.

Professional truck drivers are often on the road for many long hours driving alone. This type of intense isolation is not for everyone. Also, due to the nature of the business, when large commercial trucks stop for breaks and sleep, they often are not in the best position to find healthy food options. Because their job requires sitting most of the time it is highly sedentary which is also not good for a person’s body. There are strict deadlines that must be met for truck drivers to make their deliveries which adds to the stress of the position. All of this and more can explain why there are so many truck drivers leaving their jobs. In fact, a trend that is seen is new drivers that have trained for and received their Commercial Driver’s License leaving their professional truck driving job just months after they start.

How Professional Truck Driver Turnover is Dangerous to the Public

Is there a High Turnover Rate for Texas Truck DriversAs the trucking industry in the United States grows, so is the number of truckers needed to get the job done. The ATA indicated that in 2019 there was a 95% turnover rate for truck drivers and because there are so many drivers leaving their jobs, there is a massive need to replace them. Trucking companies, in turn, have to find ways to attract new drivers and get them on the road as quickly as possible. This means that more and more inexperienced drivers with poor training are driving these large and very complex vehicles. 

Commercial truck accidents in Texas often produce catastrophic outcomes for people in smaller cars that are hit. There are several factors that can cause Abilene tractor-trailer accidents including driver error, and misjudgments are much higher in novice drivers than in those that have extensive experience on the road. Because there are fewer veteran truck drivers hauling cargo throughout the state of Texas and the United States as a whole, the perils that exist with commercial trucks are a very real and present danger to others they share the road with.

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Over 450,000 crashes will take place every year that involve large, tractor-trailers and the average truck driver has a one-in-eight possibility of being involved in serious crashes on an annual basis. If you were victimized in an Abilene truck accident it is fair to say you likely suffered some type of injuries and property damages. In fact, you probably sustained considerable physical bodily harm and had to endure substantial losses. To recoup the full amount of compensation you need to cover the damages that you experienced, call the skilled and tactical Abilene commercial truck accident attorney at the Low Law Firm to schedule a free consultation today at (325) 455-1889.


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