The Difference Between Texas Sexual and Aggravated Sexual Assault Charges

Sexual assault is taken very seriously in the state of Texas and the repercussions for the offense are strict. There are several instances when a person did not commit a sexual assault and is found innocent but just the disgrace and the stain that an accusation causes for a person can be long-lasting and affect their quality of life. Sexual assault where a child is a victim can be even more disturbing. Yet, the majority of sexual assault cases in Texas that go to court do so on flimsy evidence and lack of substance. All that is needed to secure a sexual assault arrest and ultimately a charge is a statement that an incident happened. The statement doesn’t even have to be corroborated for this process to start up.

Because sexual assault charges can be so devastating to a defendant and alter the course of their life, it is essential to use the most experienced and talented criminal defense attorney in Texas. You will need to defend yourself tactically against such charges. After a sexual offense arrest in Abilene, you can turn to the Low Law Firm for support and strategic legal counsel.

How do  Sexual Assault and Aggravated Sexual Assault in Texas Differ?

A proficient Texas criminal defense attorney will know how to conduct a detailed and comprehensive investigation into your case. Additionally, an Abiline criminal defense attorney that is working with you must be established, trusted, and has the right resources to proactively and efficiently represent you to the fullest extent so that you can obtain the best possible outcome for your case. Right after you are arrested for sexual assault, it is in your best interest to immediately connect with Tara Gilmore-Low of the Low Law Firm to procure the finest legal counsel in the greater Abilene area. The Difference Between Texas Sexual and Aggravated Sexual Assault Charges

Sexual assault happens when a sexual act is inflicted on a victim that does not want it to happen. Penetrating a person that is not accepting of the act is sexual assault in Texas. Even if you believe that you had consent from another party to engage in a sexual act of penetration with them, that doesn’t mean that the person you were intimate with will indicate that they were open to your advances and gave you permission. In cases where there is little to no evidence proving that you acted without consent, this is still not enough to help you avoid charges. Should a conviction come about, then you could be looking at as much as 20 years of incarceration and be required to register as a sex offender.

Aggravated assault in Texas happens when the victim is:

  • Of a young age
  • Disabled
  • Violence is involved in the act which injures the victim
  • Death threats exist
  • Kidnapping threats exist
  • A deadly weapon is used in the act
  • Drugs that alter a victim’s reality are used in the act

Speak with a Texas Sexual Assault Defense Attorney Today

There is a serious distinction between the outcome of a sexual assault versus an aggravated sexual assault conviction in the state of Texas. Aggravated sexual assault in Texas means that your entire life could be spent behind bars. To meet with a knowledgeable criminal defense attorney in Abilene for free, please call the Low Law Firm at (325) 455-1889.


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