Weapons Crimes Criminal Defense Attorney Abilene, Texas

Weapons Crimes Criminal Defense Attorney Abilene, Texas

Have you been charged with illegally possessing a weapon? Were you arrested for carrying a weapon? Weapons crimes in the state of Texas can carry severe penalties. When you are charged with a weapons crime you need a criminal defense attorney who understands the laws involved.

Using a weapon in the commission of a crime or improperly discharging a firearm each carry with them their own levels of potential punishment. Weapons charges don’t have to deal exclusively with guns. Other weapons can be contained in a weapons charge category, such as knives, clubs, or even brass knuckles.

What are the facts behind your weapons crimes charges?

Many initial confrontations with a police officer or traffic stops can lead to a pat down and then a finding of a weapon. Such instances can lead to various weapons charges, depending on the circumstances at hand. Misdemeanor or felony charges may be filed depending on the weapon found.

Texas does allow for concealed carrying of a weapon of you follow their licensing procedures. Concealed handgun license in Texas.

Other factors can effect weapons charges such as a prior domestic abuse conviction. If the person found with a weapon is a convicted felon, that can effect the outcome of the charge. Regardless of the circumstances, if you are facing a weapons charge, you need to speak with a criminal defense lawyer. Contact The Low Law Firm for a FREE consultation and talk about the circumstances surrounding your case.

A criminal defense attorney can help investigate the situation that led to your charges. Did the police follow proper procedures when detaining, searching, and arresting you? There are many defenses that can be utilized to fight against your charges. Talk to a criminal defense attorney and let them build your defense that is unique to your situation.

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