What Can You Do to Ride Your Bike Safely in Texas?

People who ride their bicycles to work, for errands, or for recreation and exercise should always wear the appropriate protective gear. Like motorcycles, there is not much surrounding a bicyclist so if there happens to be a collision with a car, which tends to be the most destructive type of collision for a bicyclist, the […]

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Dangers on Texas Construction Sites

Working on an active construction site, there are many moving parts, obstacles, and hazards. Heavy equipment being used, large and bulky vehicles driving around, debris on the ground, and if the site is near the road other cars and pedestrians are also adding to the chaos. Those that work in the construction industry have many […]

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Texas Gets Stricter with Human Trafficking Charges

According to the Attorney General’s Office of Texas, there are 25 million people enslaved around the globe. In the state of Texas, there are approximately 234,000 people that are trafficked for labor while 79,000 minors are being sex trafficked. As the country grapples with the border crisis, states near the border are becoming stricter with […]

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Does Every Business Carry Workers’ Comp Insurance in Texas?

Every day there are workers that are injured in every industry and in every job across the nation. Workers’ compensation acts as a type of safety net to protect workers who are injured on the job and help them with medical care, lost wages, and even vocational rehabilitation services. There are some industries that have […]

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How Communication Issues Can Lead to Birth Injuries in Texas

Doctors that are truly interested in helping their patients will take the time to always listen to their concerns and thoroughly answer all questions. This approach allows a doctor to have a greater ability to establish a trusting relationship with their patients. Clear communication is also a critical part of establishing the right course of […]

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Finding Evidence After a Texas Motorcycle Accident

It has been well documented that helmets are an extremely important aspect of a motorcycle driver’s attire. Yet even when a helmet is used, it doesn’t completely protect a rider from devastating bodily injuries. Drivers and passengers that ride on motorcycles have minimal protection when compared to other automobiles on the road. A car for […]

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